Angela Martini Swimwear

Spring/Summer 2015: The Heritage Collection

Angela Martini Swimwear

The Heritage Collection

Angela Martini Swimwear relaunches in Spring/Summer 2015 with “The Heritage Collection.” The culmination of a humbling meditation upon her presence in time and the universe, Angela sought to make this season very personal. The Heritage Collection fuses Angela’s history and future, utilizing advanced printing techniques to mirror the artisanal Albanian embroidery of her birthplace. These patterns play ironically upon modern bikini and monokini silhouettes that are teasingly accented by mesh for a touch of translucence. The Heritage Collection is the embodiment of Angela’s present state-­of-­mind, a grounding in history, inspired by the future.

Friends Through Generations, Reunited

The double helix journey into both her past and future brought Angela to her native Albania, where she met another young, ambitious woman who managed the swimwear factory owned by her family. As fate would have it, both women were the granddaughters of close friends and brothers­-in­-arms during past conflicts. They connected immediately and envisioned developing Angela Martini Swimwear with impeccable fabric, double-layered and cross­-stitched to ensure durability, support and a luxe feel. This fateful, deep­-rooted partnership bestowed the highest level of quality upon The Heritage Collection.

“It’s All About Love”

During her time of meditative reflection, Angela realized her fundamental truth: to love and grow. Wishing to elevate Angela Martini Swimwear with this new understanding, Angela dedicates ten percent of all profits to rural schools in Albania to help those who most need our love and growth, our children. Rather than be a removed benefactor, Angela has pledged to visit the schools herself and understand their specific needs to be part of a thoughtful, lasting solution.


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